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company news about Efficient integration of water purification equipment

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Company News
Efficient integration of water purification equipment
Latest company news about Efficient integration of water purification equipment

The Efficiente Integrated purifier developed by our company has a wide range of applications, which can be applied to: urban/rural water supply, rural sewage treatment, tap water purification of industrial and mining enterprises,etc., and can also be applied to rivers governance.


General process

Raw water - high pressure pump - pipeline coagulation - intelligent Efficiente Integrated purifier - clean water tank



Main characters


(1)Optimizing the traditional water purification process integrally, increasing the intelligent monitoring system, knowing the operating status of device in real time;


(2)Short construction period, compared with similar project time shortened by more than half of the construction period;


(3)Comprehensive cost-effective, undemanding construction site conditions;


(4)Modules construction, solving the problem of heavy equipment.



Description of water purification


This process uses a pipeline coagulation device to directly add the agent to the water inlet pipeline mixer. The coagulant and raw water are fully mixed through the mixer and then enter the reaction zone in the high-efficiency integrated water purification treatment device. The raw water passes through the multi-stage cyclone. After the reaction, the organic matter, suspended matter and colloid in the water are combined with the coagulant, and a larger flocculant is produced. The water after the cyclone reaction enters the sedimentation zone of the high-efficiency water purifier. Since the previous raw water has undergone a good flocculation reaction, the floc particles such as organic matter, suspended matter and colloids in the water are settled under the action of gravity and inclined pipes.  In the device. The effluent after precipitation treatment enters the filter area of the high-efficiency water purifier through the sump, the flocs with smaller particles in the water are intercepted on the quartz sand filter layer, and the clear and clean water passes through the filter layer and enters the water purification pool for users.




Efficient integration of water purification equipment advantages


1. The construction period is short, and equipment manufacturing and civil construction can be carried out at the same time, which can shorten the time by nearly half compared with the water purification plant project built by traditional civil construction;


2. The system layout is flexible and active, with strong variability. If the production water consumption increases, adding a set of equipment can meet the requirements and avoid the limitations of civil construction;


3. The system adopts the more commonly used swirling reaction method. The biggest advantage of this method is its simple structure, and the swirling collision has a great effect on the formation and growth of alum. The cyclone reaction is more than twice as effective as the ordinary vertical flow reaction, so this method is very suitable as a reaction equipment before the precipitation equipment;


4. Compared with the traditional vertical flow settler, the area of ​​the sedimentation zone of the system is larger and more efficient, so the sedimentation effect is better than that of the vertical flow sedimentation equipment;


5. The main equipment is made of steel structure, the equipment is manufactured with necessary anti-corrosion measures, the main facilities have no moving parts, and the service life can be more than 15 years;


6. The integrated high-efficiency water purifier used in this system occupies more than 50% smaller area than civil construction sedimentation tank + civil construction siphon gravity valveless filter tank, and the backwash cleaning water consumption is more than 30% less (main reason: equipment precipitation effect Improve), and there is no need to lose the clean water in the clean tank.


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Processing scale(T/h)

20 30 50 80 100 120 150 200 300

Note:the above equipment model is based on the comprehensive type of project considerations and the development of the standard model, we can also design the non-standard products, to meet the actual needs of different projects.

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